The best tablets of 2016

Are you on the hunt to find the best tablet to enjoy unending games, videos and movies while you are on the move? Every now and then, new tablets are appearing in the market promising bigger and better set of attractive features. For a common user, it is very difficult to select the best tablet from this huge variety. Well, we are here to help you out. We present the top 5 tablets of 2016 highlighting their features to guide you.


9.7-inch-iPad-Pro-635x386  iPad Pro 9.7 inch: Apple’s iPad Pro 9.7 inch is the latest addition to the iPad tablet series. iPad Pro comes with a fast processor, a smart keyboard, an anti-reflective display, good quality speakers and a high-end camera. It is the best iPad, ever manufactured. Another excellent feature of iPad Pro 9.7 inch tablet is that it supports the Apple Pencil to help in any kind of drawing. The display quality of this tablet is very high and crisp. The 12 megapixel camera can record 4K videos without any problems. Moreover, it supports Flash too. The front camera is 5 megapixels and it is similar to what you have in iPhone S6.  The 9.7 inch display is a fantastic option to have. Brightness, anti-glare capability and color-temperature adjusting techniques makes it one of the best tablets that is currently available in the market.


pixel-c-hero Google Pixel C: Google Pixel C is an Android based tablet. It is a sleek and solid build tablet with high-end features. One of the main highlights of Google Pixel C is the long running battery. It also has a Bluetooth enabled keyboard which can be used as a cover whenever required. The performance of Google Pixel C is fast and it operates on the latest Android version. Google Pixel C comes with a 3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage capacity which can be increased to 64 GB by an additional memory card. Google Pixel C is one of the best Android tablet in the market.


Sony-Xperia-Z4-official-1  Sony Xperia Z4: Sony Xperia Z4 is a competent and waterproof tablet. It comes with high-end features and great professional appearance. It runs on the latest Android operating system and comes with some user-friendly features. Compared to other tablets, Sony Xperia Z4 supports HD videos and the performance is smooth and fast. It comes with a 10-inch screen with curved edges that fit easily in your palm. Sony Xperia Z4 has a 3 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal memory which can be extended up to 128 GB with the help of a memory card. Sony Xperia Z4 can be easily called the best Android tablet that has been manufactured by Sony.


dell-venue-8-9  Dell Venue 8 7000: If you are seriously looking for a tablet that can be used to take photos, then Dell Venue 8 7000 is the best option for you. This sleek, lightweight tablet comes with Intel’s deep-sensing high-end camera. The camera quality of Dell Venue 8 7000 is the best available in the market. The 8.4 inch tablet comes with a storage capacity which can be extended up to 512 GB with the help of a memory card.


tab2Samsung Galaxy Tab2: Samsung Galaxy Tab2 is a lightweight, attractively designed and is the perfect model apt for daily use. It has a bright and colorful screen and supports 32 GB internal memory. The battery life, when compared to other tablets, is high and the 8-inch tablet display is also very good.


If you are looking to buy a tablet, you can check out on one of the top 5 tablets of 2016 discussed here and purchase the most appropriate one that suits your requirements and budget.