How to buy a new Blu-ray player

Choosing the desired Blu-ray can be quite a challenge for ones who have no clue about what to look into a Blu-ray player. The first thing I know is that it serves as a true comrade with high definition TV’s. Well believe me, it does make the most of your 1080 pixels HDTV’s. With the availability of enormous numbers of high end televisions and screens, there could not have been a better time buy this steadfast and usable gadget to make your evenings more entertaining and parties more happening.


Many new players can stream video from the Internet, providing instant access to many movies and TV episodes from the apps like Netflix etc. Normally a Blu-ray player ranges from $50 to $500. But presently there are many Blu-rays that may be priced beyond $500. Apart from the basic features, the Blu-ray player may have a large number of features to consider and compare before you buy one.

With the right features fitting your needs, a Blu-ray can be quite rewarding. I am putting down some shopping tips to help you to make the best buy

Prefer a Blu-ray over a DVD Player

Your DVDs may cost quite less but they are not worth when we compare them to the newly innovated Blu-rays. Blu-ray discs contain more data than a DVD Player. You will be gladder to have the added details to your 720p TV sets.

Picture quality

A Blu-ray increases your TV’s picture quality than any other device. It will be very important if you prefer watching movies or live sports at home. So, this feature must be a guiding point for your purchase.


Audio capability

Almost all the Blu-ray players support 5.1-channel surround sound. The newly launched Blu-ray players support higher resolution, multichannel audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio etc. Note that you need to connect the gadget with a HDMI.

Streaming Options

If you buy a player with a streaming option, you will be able to have access to a large number of movies, songs and videos. The new ones also have inbuilt WiFi. With built-in WiFi, the player comes pre-equipped with all the devices required for it to access through a wireless network. This makes it presumably one of the most reliable streaming devices.


In a nutshell

Purchasing gadgets is always fun for me but I feel really perplexed with the options with so many competitors in electronic gadgets market. When I bought my Blu-ray player the salesperson attending me, highlighted these features for the models he showed me. These guidelines will help you too in getting the best Blu-ray player like I did.